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. . malware monday. internet users across the country brace for a potentially crippling computer virus. out of this world. nasa's stunning new image from mars delivers a rare glimpse of the red planet. death-defying slip. a stunt man in china is lucky to be alive. i'm veronica de la cruz. those stories and much more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with back to work. as lawmakers return from a holiday, president obama is getting ready to stir the political fires with a call to extend bush-era tax cuts, but not for everyone. this as the president's campaign turns up the heat on mitt romney. brian mooar joins us from washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. faced with bad headlines, the obama campaign wants to change the conversation. as congress returns today from its july 4th recess, president obama already has some work planned for lawmakers. later today he's reportedly going to ask congress to extend bush era tax cuts for americans making less than a quarter million dollars a year. the obama campaign needs to quickly pivot away from last week's feeble jobs report. it is aiming its guns not only on capitol hill, but on republican mitt romney's personal finances. >> he offshores most of his own
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personal investments presumably to shield them from taxes. >> i've never known of a swiss bank account to build an american bridge, to create american jobs. >> reporter: romney supporters call it a cheap shot and a distraction. >> i'm happy he's a successful businessman. we've got a president today who has never run a business. >> reporter: back on capitol hill a fight over the bush era tax cuts will have to get in line. on wednesday the house will try to overturn obama care. still it promises to keep the heat up in a town that's already seen too much of it. the president's tax cut proposal is designed to make anyone who stands against it look like they're standing against the middle class. >> brian mooar in washington. thank you. for thousands of americans whose morning routine is sitting down at the computer and logging into the internet, you could be in for a rude awakening thanks
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to a rogue computer virus. francisco has details. >> reporter: logging on to the internet monday morning may be a problem for tens of thousands of computer users in the u.s. it all degan months ago when six acetonians were charged with corrupting four million computers world wide with malware forcing the computers to direct the user to sites they may not have intended. the scam hers made as much as $14 million off ads they sold on the destination sites. >> they found a way to tap into the one of the most lucrative sources of money on the internet and that's online advertising. >> reporter: after the scammers were caught, the fbi took over their serve verse allowing people to search without problems. now they're disconnecting an estimated 45,000 infected
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devices. >> the good news is the odds aren't high that you will be infected. the bad news is, if you are infected, you probably don't know. on monday, if your internet goes out, you'll have a hard time fixing your computer. >> reporter: logon to dcwgorg. it will tell you immediately if your machine has the virus and how to fix it. it's a simple test that can save you from a lot of potential problems. francisco nbc news. hollywood is mourning ernest borgnine. he played the romantic lead of a love sick butcher in "marty," also in "mchale's navy rsh in a career that spanned more than 60 years. the versatile actor also often played the villain in films such as "from here to eternity." ernest borgnine was 5 years old. here is look at other news
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going on around america. in texas one family is getting the creeps, a crowing number of tehran ch las are making themselves at home on one man's property. he spotted at least ten in his home in the past month along with scorpions. one expert says they don't pose much risk but also are not easy to get rid of. in massachusetts one man paid off his mortgage down to the last penny, he saved up $62,000 pennies. he started saving one current at a time after getting his mortgage. it took bank employees more than two days to unroll the coins, more than 400 pounds. nasa captured amazing new images showing a 360-degree view of the martian landscape. the rover opportunity combined more than 800 pictures to show a
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composite view of a martian winter. ooh shows a martian crater spanning about 14 miles in diameter. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to meade olt todd santos with the weather channel forecast. i think it's a painted desert in arizona. they couldn't find any picture. >> conspiracy theory. it's just a picture of the grand canyon, not actually mars. can't say too much about the martian winter. for some of us we're seeing relief from the true summer here across a good stretch of the mid atlantic. seeing some relief temperature wise, it started to show up for some areas. d.c. on the mild side of things. we'll take a look at temperatures. want to take a look at the satellite and radar composite. we are dealing with pockets of showers and thunderstorms. it's a 12-hour loop. you see late yesterday very similar air areas will likely get going this afternoon.
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a lot of that taking place in the frontal boundary. the front swept down into the central u.s., at this point almost stationary. we'll see showers and thunderstorms to fire up later today. to the north is a weak front. should remain dry across the northern great lakes. we did want to look at the storm reports from yesterday, all the dots, wind reports. we see the chance for primarily a wind threat for some of the more potent thunderstorms. some storms may produce spotty hail through portions of the southwest -- the south i should say, south central states, even extending back through southwestern portions of kansas back in through colorado. may see a chance for thunderstorms during the afternoon. some of the best chances for wind and hail producing storms just south of d.c. and extending towards the carolinas. we'll talk more about our latest hurricane, a new one in the pacific. >> say it isn't so. thanks todd. earnings loom over wall street. boeing soars on a new order, and
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now you can own your own deserted islands surrounded by millions of people. roger federer is back on scene. a wild scenes between the rangers and twins and it had nothing to do with the game. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪
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welcome book to "first look." i'm veronica de la cruz. u.s. military officials have confirmed six american soldiers were killed in afghanistan yesterday. they died in a blast of an improvised explosive device about 40 miles southwest of the capital of kabul. in egypt the new islamist president, mow whom med morsi is ordering the party to reconvene. the parliament was dissolved last month after an order from a military backed court. in jordan a heated debate on
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tv became violent when a lawmaker threw a shoe at another politician and then pulled out a gun. the host of the debate separated the two men and there were no injuries. in china, a blindfolded acrobat walking backwards survived a fall off a tightrope. at that point in the stunt the drop was relatively short. fortunately he was able to walk away with only minor injuries. they're still counting the vote in libya's first parliamentary election. one of libya's rebel leaders is calling for all those elected to create a grand coalition government. nbc's martin fletcher reports. the head of the libyan election commission said the first winners today were the libyan people and the u.n. representative called the election an unqualified success. >> we should have confidence that just as it's been a fair
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poll, it will also be a fair count. >> reporter: about 60% of libyans voted about 1.7 million people out of 2.8 who were able to vote in a small country of 6 million people. today the commission was counting the vote. the preliminary result in some of the key areas, the capital tripoli and beng gaz zir show the liberal coalition of about 40 parties fighting the election together seemed to be ahead. that's a surprise in a country, a muslim conservative country where it was fear thad the muslim brotherhood as in tunisia and egypt could win the election. this is early times yet. this hasn't been all peaceful. in the east of the country there was fighting. one person died friday, another one saturday. other all a peaceful election and a great successful democracy in libya so far it should be stressed. martin fletcher, nbc news, cairo. now here is your first look in this morning's dish of
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scrambled politics. rumored gop vp contender senator rob portman of ohio didn't meet with romney this weekend despite both men being in new hampshire. portman scouted colleges with his daughter and attend add fund-raiser. romney supporters rarn through an interesting drill on what they called super saturday, making phone calls and knocking on doors in key swing states pretending it was the day before the november election. former presidential candidate jon huntsman says he is skipping the republican convention in tampa next month due to the party's politics and policy positions. michigan's republican congressman thaddeus mccotter resigned on friday. he called the last night, quote, nightmare resh after they found widespread fraud in his signature gathering petitions. ralph nader says, quote, kourg democrats could face defeat if they don't stand up to the republicans in the fall
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election. former new mexico governor gary johnson is the libertarian candidate in the 2012 election. he says his magic number is 15 as in one-five, the percentage required in national polls to be included next fall. barney frank married his long-time partner jim ready saturday evening. the outgoing representative is the first member of congress to marry a partner of the same sex. congratulations. outspoken musician and conservative ted nugent blasted supreme court justice john roberts as a, quote, turn colt, for his recent health care ruling. he added it might have been better if the south won the civil war. that is your morning's dish of scrambled politics. now here is your first look at u how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,772 after dropping 124 points on friday. the s&p stumbled 12 while the
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nasdaq sank 38. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei shot down 123 points, while in hong kong the hang seng plummeted 372. in the wake of friday's disappointing jobs figures, wall street will have a new worry this week, lower earnings. with the american and european economy struggling, 42 companies including ford and texas instruments have already warned investors of lower profit expectations. as always, later today, alcoa leads off reporting. due to the global slowdown, know one expects a repeat of the positive outlook from the aluminum giant. jpmorgan chase's report will be watched for the official total from the botched multimillion drar trade. it's thought the losses could be much higher than reported. this week china, the main driver of world growth releases data analysts expect to be gloomy as best.
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the most closely watched will be china's year to year gdp growth. wall street looking for qe 3 from the fed. as the aerospace industry's biggest event of the year begins today, bloomberg reports boeing is set to earn an order on the heels of the company's ceo saying he expects boeing to pull ahead of airbus soon, quote, for a number of years. finally, the secluded red rock island in northern san francisco bay listed for sale earlier at $22 million can be yours for the bargain basement price of only $5 million. the cards walk off in a record-tieing victory at wimbledon. like the rest of us, major league baseball players and fans also met with mother nature's fury over the weekend. your first look at sports is
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straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm veronica de la cruz. in sports last night the yankees finished off the first half of the major league season with the best record in baseball. here is nbc's bill seward. >> no better way to enter the all-star break than with the best rivalry in the game. yankees and red sox at fenway. new york clinched the best
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record in baseball with another win over boston. seems like every day another player steps up for the yanks. last night it was andrew jones, a couple hits, a homer and three rbis. they win 7-3. cards and marlins. miami up one in the ninth when raphael furcal ends it. line drive to left. here comes matt carpenter. david freese right behind him beats the throw to the plate. wild scene in texas, middle of the fourth between the twins and rangers when this happened. a blast of thunder and lightning rocking the stadium, sending everyone running for the hills. a classic texas thunderstorm delayed the game for about 45 minutes. no one was hurt. just a little startled. 13th inning, lightning never strikes twice unless you're the rangers. ian kinsler, the bolt to turn out the lights. ragers win 4-3. to tennis, a brit hasn't won a
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wimbledon title since fred perry back in 1936. it was president going to happen yesterday. men's final at the all england club. roger federer proved once again that he's the best tennis player on the planet. after losing the first set to sandy murray, the artful roger comes alive. gets the drop shot to fall. all murray can do is watch as federer takes the second set. you've seen the finesse. fed muscles an ace past murray to win the third set. on to match point. after a short rally, murray's return is wide. federer wins his record-tieing seventh wimbledon title and regains the number one ranking in the world. that's your first look at sports. i'm bill seward. for another look at the weather here is meteorologist todd santos. welcome. great to have you here. >> great to be here. we'll welcome a new name, hurricane emilia. earlier that was a tropical storm. now there's hurricane daniel, both category ones, moving away from land the next couple days.
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that's fosive. here in the southwestern u.s., quiet conditions. all that sunshine will allow us to warm up to the mid one-teen range. 95 right now. 60 in seattle. across the west, 80 by later this afternoon. denver back down into a good stretch of central and western colorado. the chance for showers and thunderstorms to fire up during the heat of the day. best chance for severe storms as i mentioned earlier, closer towards the mid atlantic extending down towards richmond, norfolk. make sure you have a way to get your warnings today. primarily a wind threat. could also find a few hail producers, still a chance for thunderstorms to fire up across the eastern edge across the four corners. a good stretch of central and southeastern u.s. chance for showers and thunderstorms during the heat of the afternoon. veronica? >> never good when it's warm outside and raining. we know. we've been there, right, atlanta weather, nice and muggy. coming up, who did better-than-expected and who flopped this weekend at the box
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welcome back. some are calling this superhero summer at the box office. it started with "the avengers" and ends with "the dark knight rises." this weekend belonged to another comic book hero, you could say. the new friendly neighborhood spiderman spun himself a $65 million number one opening week end. "the amazing spiderman" added a
2:28 am
whopping $129 million all overseas for a worldwide total of $341 million. are you going to go see that? >> yes. >> i know you want to see the previous top film, the comedy "ted" which fell to second with an impressive $32 million. i can't get over this idea of a talking bear. i just can't. among the new releases, oliver stone's saga of "savages" with a stronger than expected $16 million. i think it looks good. on the flip side, "katie perry" disappointed in eighth with just over $7 million. >> i don't think i'll see it. finally, after two weeks in just a handful of theaters "to rome with love" cracked the top ten with $3.5 million. i want to see it. >> i think "ted" and then
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"spider-man" for me. i think seth mcfarland is hilarious. not everybody does. maybe that's the difference. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. president obama looks to change the subject after friday's dismal jobs report calling for an extension of the bush tax cuts for the middle class but not millionaires and billionaires, setting up an election year showdown with republicans over tax fairness. the question is will republicans and mitt romney take the bait allowing the white house to paint them as the out of touch champions of the rich. violence in syria. how much
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